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HP Z800 Workstation Inside

Specifications: http://www.rmania.net/kompyutri-hp--compaq-z800-2x-quad-core-xeon-x5550-16gb-quadro-4000-1723.html
Thomas Mica : Are the z800 and Xeon X5680 compatible?
royal computers : best machine
Dae Dismantled : This looks like a serious machine... I'm going to buy one and upgrade the graphics.
Frederique kruger : It's amazing, I love the tool-less design aspects on this machine. I don't like the pricing However, if anyone wants cheap affordable and superior workstations get a HP XW9400 or XW8600; really cheap and worth the price.

Gaming on the HP Z800

In this video I test out this old HP Z800 Workstation and see if it can play games at pretty good settings at 2160x1440p.

System Specs:
- 2 Intel Xeon X5675 (3.06GHZ)
- 24GB DDR3 Ram
- GTX 1070TI
- 2 Samsung 860 EVO SSD and 250HD
- 850W power supply

Games played at 2160x1440p at high to ultra settings
- Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
- Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2015)
- Portal Knights (2016)
- Call of duty Ghosts (2013)
- Just Cause 2 (2010)
- Crysis (2007)
Ryan Ainlay : Just got one of these given to me for free and wanted to see what it was capable of doing and if it was worth customizing. Thanks for posting this, it definitely made my mind up!
Royal Arun : How much and how to buy
Red_Guy13 : My z800 is a bit slower but can run minecraft 1.16.1 at an average of ca. 230 FPS
Gerald Wagster : Just installed a set of X5680's in mine, a 1070 SC, 48 gigs of ram and USB 3. Im happy.
Mazhar Khan : What beast of a workstation, even in 2019.

HP Z800 Max Processors and Memory (384GB of Memory Installed!!!)

In this video we'll show you our maxed out HP Z800 Workstation Configuration. We have 2 x X5690 Processors and 384GB of Memory installed!

Check out our Z800 Upgrade Guide:


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Shoyaib Fazal : Hi there!
I have an HPz800. Motherboard :- Rev : 1.00. Model : oAECh, Version : D, BIOS :- 786G5 V 03.21
I am wondering if Xenon X5690 will work with above mentioned Specifications.
Also 850 watts power supply should be enough and do I have to use water cooling for that or my existing radiator cooling is enough??
it shows out of stock on ur website. When will you get them ?

Muhammad Iqbal Syed : Is Z800 still a good choice even today?
Magikkco : wow that's a lot of ram, maybe enough for 3 chrome tabs at max
Arial Robison : I have been refurbishing and repairing Z800's for a long time now and absolutely love them. Even at 10+ years old, they work amazingly well for many applications. Thanks for the video. I have never put more than 192GB ECC Reg RAM in any of them...now I know it is possible. Anyone know if they will recognize 6-8+TB Drives?
Jordan Julian Chase : GAIA tv needs to document this - WOW!!! just WOW!!!!




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